Mixing Services

“Mixing is an art. It’s where our art meets yours”

Mixing music and audio is the art of enhancing a recording to sound and feel bigger than life, rich and full, balanced, natural and dynamic to captivate the listener. We employ a hybrid of analog and digital hardware, recording and editing software, experience and passion for bringing your sound to life. Rest assured your mix from Blue Thunder will sound and translate awesome in any listening environment.

How you envision the feeling, emotion, overall tone and sound for your music or audio production is always at the forefront for everything we do. We will mix your already multi-tracked vocal and instrument recordings to produce music and audio that competes commercially.

Your project will be mixed with commercial loudness standards in mind, taking into consideration the various loudness requirements for streaming sites such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes. We do this to ensure your music and audio will translate and sound great online, on the radio, and on television.

Our mixing and mastering services can be accomplished completely online which means you do not need to be local to our facility to take advantage of our mixing services. No matter where in the world you are located, we offer a convenient client portal for secure, web based file transfer to support our remote clients. Clients can upload songs, notes and references, preview rough, 1st revision and finished mixes and also download the final lossless files and other project related documentation. If you are local to the New York and New Jersey Metro area or plan to be in the area, we offer “attended” mastering sessions as an option.

1  Complete a "Request Free Consultation" form using the button below and we'll schedule a free 1/2 call to discuss your project. We'll review every aspect of your project, answer any of your questions, outline our requirements and the process, determing your budget and provide a quote.
2  Once agreed on price, Blue Thunder Audio will email you an online invoice for a 50% down payment.
3  Upon receipt of deposit, we'll activate your secured online client portal account. The client portal is where we securely exchange project related audio files and documents. Check your email to complete your account setup.
4  Using your client portal account, you'll upload all multi-track recordings, rough mix (if you have one), a reference "commericial" song and any available notes on the recording/production process.
5  Blue Thunder Audio will begin mixing your multi-track files. We will upload and share each mix and revisions in your client portal account for instant, online streaming and downloading.

Rates & Policies

Request Free Consultation

  • Please request a free consultation to discuss your specific music or audio projects and allow us the opportunity to provide you with a custom quote that fits your budget and timelines.
  • Up to 30 tracks per song
    • $5 for each track over 30
  • 3-5 business day turn-around time
    • Rush service available, call to discuss
  • $25 client “attended” mix session fee
  • 50% deposit required at start of project
  • Remaining 50% balance due upon final delivery
  • Personal checks not accepted
  • Rates subject to change
  • All rates USD

Secured by PayPal


  • Blue Thunder Mix Engineer
  • Secure online portal account to access and exchange files and project documents
  • We’ll perform:
    • Gain staging
    • Static mix
    • Equalization
    • Track and Buss Compression
    • Vocal and instrument volume automation to enhance dynamics and emotion
    • Add time based effects such as reverb, delays, flange and chorus
    • Add advanced audio plugins to achieve specific tones and analog warmth
    • Minor editing and cleanup of vocals and instrumental tracks including unwanted:
      • Pops
      • Clicks
      • Microphone bleed
    • 1 Revision
    • $15 each revision over 1
    • High resolution 32bit 48k WAV file for each mix, ready for your Mastering Engineer

Not Included

  • Vocal tuning
  • Vocal pitch correction
  • Vocal comping
  • Vocal or instrument timing correction
  • Drum editing and replacement
  • Advanced vocal and instrument track editing
  • Mastering

When you schedule your free consultation, we’ll ask if you require any of the above listed services and work within your budget to provide the best possible quote.


“Blue Thunder is NO JOKE. Relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Christopher Saylor doesn’t quit till it’s perfect…..and I mean PERFECT!!! DEF RECOMMEND!”

Leigh S. – NJ

“Did some Acoustic Guitar work and vocals at Blue Thunder Studios! Originally planned to have a full acoustic production, but with Chris’s masterful production, we were able to fuse genres of acoustic rock, hip hop and electronic dance music. All in all, an eclectic masterpiece that should be gaining some attention in the near future! Thanks Blue Thunder Studios! Thank you Chris! ”

Gerardo B. – NJ

“Blue Thunder Audio…..Needs no introduction…. My experiences working with Blue Thunder have been stellar!!”

Patrick H. – FL